Collected videos that are also referenced from various other pages on the web site.


Diving on the wreck of Spirit Healer 9/30/07 New!
Various diving clips in the Sea of Cortez 10/6/07 New!
At anchor in a strong Norther, 50 knots of wind! 10/21/07 New!
Isla San Francisco 5/20/2007
Pufferfish feeding frenzy, Isla San Francisco 5/19/2007
Crossing from the mainland to the Baja 5/16/2007

Bahia Santa Maria Take 1, and Take 2
Sailing in Magdalena Bay
Willie and the dolphins
Burning of bad humors, Carnaval, Mazatlan
Carnaval Parade, Mazatlan


Bears in Glacier Bay
Sailing to Coronation Island (South of Sitka)

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