Juneau to Gustavus


Oregon to California
Mexico, Baja California
La Paz and North
Bahia Del Los Angeles and Northern Sea of Cortez
Barkely 2003
Barkely 2004
San Juans 2005
Seattle to Prince Rupert
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Tracy Arm
Juneau to Gustavus
Glacier Bay
Hoonah to Sitka


Cindy at Taku Harbor

Nice new dock at the site of an old cannery

Rob at the ruins of an old Cannery

Taku harbor

Cannery ruins

Taku Harbor

Cannery Ruins

Taku Harbor

Cannery Ruins

Taku Harbor

Cannery ruins


St. Theresa

Old church just north of Juneau

Mendenhal Glacier

On the outskirts of Juneau

Funter Bay

Site of an old cannery, now several houses

Pine cones, Funter Bay

From a distance the pine cones gave the trees a red tint.

Fresh halibut!

Our first catch, small by Alaska standards but just right for us.

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