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Change log

11/23/10: Added a new page for our time living and working at the RTS (Reagan Test Site) on Kwaja lein island..

4/21/10: New page for our crossing to Kwajalein and a few new photos for the Sea Of Cortez: Part2 page.

8/17/09: Updates for Sea Of Cortez: Part2, and the Family page.

6/18/09: Added new photo page for a Mazatlan and Sea Of Cortez Part 2, Also a few changes to the California photos section.

12/16/08: Added new photo page for a California, We planned on spending the summer here but have not left yet...  Few changes to the plans section.

7/01/08: Added new links to our favorites page, a bunch of our cruising friends have very nice websites.

4/30/08: New photos for the mainland coast of Mexico (Tenacatita, Manzanillo, Guadalajara).

2/9/08: A new photo page for the Mexican Riveria. Plus a new page for Willie the boat cat (don't go here unless you like pet photos!)

12/28/07: A few videos and more photos on the Bahia De Los Angeles and the northern Sea of Cortez page.

10/12/07: More photos on the Bahia De Los Angeles and the northern Sea of Cortez page.

8/29/07: Added new photo page for Bahia De Los Angeles and the northern Sea of Cortez.

8/10/07: Added more photos to the La Paz and North for Loreto, Conception Bay, and Santa Rosalia.

6/28/07: Added new photos in La Paz and North Re did the blog as there were problems, new blog is here old entries are saved here.

5/28/07: Added new photos to Mazatlan for Altata and Isla SanFrancisco ! Added a few new videos to the site.

3/5/07: New page for Mazatlan and a few more Baja photos! Added a videos page.

12/29/06: New page for Mexico and a few more CA photos!

11/29/06: New photos for Oregon and California!

9/1/06: Few new photos Sitka! Added link for position reporting to home page . 

7/6/06: More new photos Tracy Arm, Glacier Bay, Sitka! New format for galleries. 

6/30/06: Added lots of new photos! Reorganized photos by dates into several pages. 

5/18/06: Added a new photo page Inside Passage for images of our trip up to Alaska. 

2/6/06: Changed Guestbook code. The old code was getting spammed, and the entries were getting lost. If you added an entry and you no longer see it, please add a new one. Sorry for wasting your time. 

1/30/06: Added scan of Union 36 sales brochure, Added a few pictures of us underway. 1,2Add some information on "the Plan". 

12/15/05: Added trip pictures for this years vacation 

8/26/05: Added blog page, Added Additional mast information 

6/22/05: Added Union sail logo pictures


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